High-Intensity, Low-Impact Bootcamp Classes

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About Us

Rowgatta is a rowing-inspired boutique fitness studio delivering a high-intensity, low-impact (HILIT) bootcamp experience. Hand-selecting the best aspects from their CrossFit, marathon and triathlon training backgrounds, the Rowgatta team developed a concept that maximizes strength and endurance gains with minimal impact on the joints. The program they created - the Rowgatta Workout - is accessible and effective for Athletes of all skill levels, producing real results to a community of genuine and positive people.


The Workout

50-minute bootcamp classes designed to create an effective and fun way for our Athletes to reach and exceed their individual health and fitness goals. Our High-Intensity, Low-Impact (HILIT) programming integrates rowing and resistance training so that Rowgatta Athletes consistently improve their strength and endurance while burning fat and building muscle.

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Why Row?

Unlike other forms of cardio training, rowing is a full-body workout in which 86% of your muscles are engaged with each stroke. The Rowgatta Workout is meticulously designed to safely produce high exertion in a minimal amount of time, burning more calories than any other form of cardio endurance training.

Join Our Squad

We are always looking for high-energy, positive people that are passionate about fitness. If you are interested in joining our team, shoot us a note!



31 West 14th Street
New York, NY, 10011

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