Meet Our Head of Fitness Programming: 21 Questions with Arielle Childs


1.    What inspired you to join Rowgatta?

I love the combination of rowing and weights.  It’s a completely full body workout, that’s fun!  The community is unparalleled. 

2.    Why rowing?

Full-body, low-impact, create your own intensity, enough said. 


3.    How did you become passionate about fitness?

I grew up playing sports and all outdoor activities.  As I got older I realized how much nutrition is a compliment to fitness and have tried, and continue to learn as much as I can about health and wellness.  I really don’t know anything different.


4.    What makes Rowgatta special? 

Rowgatta is a great fitness concept.  The workouts are changing daily, the community is incredible, the coaches are the best, and the actual work is completely full body with the ability to create your own intensity.


5.    Exercise movement that kicks you a$$?

Jumping lunges - killerrrrr.


6.    Favorite athlete?

Fedor... if you don’t know who he is, look him up.


7.    What are you listening to strolling through the streets of NYC?

The music of cars zipping by and horns honking.


8.    Coolest place you’ve recently visited?

The Ionian Islands.


9.    If you didn't live in NYC, where would you be?



10. Favorite movie?

Truthfully,  I can barely sit still long enough to watch an entire movie and if I can manage to sit still, I probably fall asleep…


11. Celebrity doppelgänger?

You tell me…


12. Your last meal on earth? 



13. Go-to karaoke song?

Have never and will never sing Karaoke!


14. In a second life, you would be...

A wild animal.


15. Describe yourself with 1 emoji...

 🤷🏻‍♀️ or 🤸🏻‍♀️


16. Quote you try to live by?

When you rest, you rust.


Live in such a way that if somebody were to speak ill of you, nobody would believe them.


17. Favorite weekend activity?

Spending time with my husband & puppy!


18. Best advice for someone considering a career in fitness?

Hit the ground running and don't look back, make it your lifestyle!


19. What are the lessons you've learned through fitness?

Keep going… You’ve always got a little more within.


20. A fun fact about you that may surprise people?

I am nearly trilingual.


21. What are you most proud of?

Staying in a constantly fit state.  It’s truly a lifestyle.


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