Founding Coach

Rowgatta is looking for high-energy, positive individuals that are passionate about fitness and eager to get in on the ground floor of the next big boutique fitness brand to join our team as Founding Coaches. This exclusive team will be limited to 3-5 Coaches and presents a unique opportunity for fitness professionals to work closely with the founders, including at the first studio location, in building the Rowgatta experience and brand. 

Key Responsibilities:  

  1. Deliver first class coaching to our Athletes while maintaining Rowgatta’s aesthetic, appearance, atmosphere and culture

  2. Lead a minimum of 10 classes per week upon studio launch, including programming such classes pursuant to general guidelines provided

  3. Participate in promotional efforts, including photo shoots, social media content, and live events

  4. Inspire, motivate and energize our Athletes and provide them with superior customer service from the moment they walk through the doors

  5. Always be a great Rowgatta ambassador inside and outside of the studio

Required Experience:  

  1. Completing the Rowgatta Coaches Training Program (RCTP), where you will understand the theory and structure behind the Rowgatta Workout and learn specific skills and/or knowledge required for success as a Coach at Rowgatta

  2. Relevant certification(s) (e.g., NASM, ACE, CrossFit, etc.) and experience leading group fitness classes or working as a personal trainer

  3. A genuine love for fitness and helping other people achieve their goals

  4. A likeable and outgoing personality, perceptive, strong sense of integrity, self-confident

  5. Strong multi-tasking skills

  6. Energizing and positive attitude

  7. Strong customer service skills, caring about our Athletes and excited about building personal relationships

  8. Strong sense of responsibility and ability to work independently


Given the importance of this vital team of Founding Coaches, we are offering a competitive compensation package.

In addition to financial compensation, the Rowgatta Founding Coaches will have a unique opportunity to be an integral part in the creation of Rowgatta’s brand and culture.     

Intangible Benefits:

  1. Work directly with the Founding Team and have your thoughts and ideas heard

  2. Have autonomy to create your own style through workout design, choice of music, and general style of teaching

  3. Participate in photo shoots and build a repository of fitness content

  4. Use Rowgatta as a platform to grow your personal brand

  5. Receive in-house training and approved outside training sponsored by Rowgatta

  6. Play an integral part in building the Rowgatta brand and paving its path towards becoming an industry leader in the boutique fitness space

  7. Become a member of our closely-knit Rowgatta Team and be treated like an owner

  8. Have fun working in an exciting environment with smart and passionate people

The Rowgatta Workout:

Rowgatta offers rowing-inspired group fitness classes designed to create an effective and fun way for our Athletes to reach and exceed their individual health and fitness goals. Our High-Intensity, Low-Impact (HILIT) programming integrates rowing and resistance training so that Rowgatta Athletes consistently improve their strength and endurance while burning fat and building muscle. Unlike other forms of cardio training, rowing is a full-body workout in which 86% of your muscles are engaged with each stroke. The Rowgatta Workout is meticulously designed to safely produce high exertion in a minimal amount of time, burning more calories than any other form of cardio endurance training.