Arielle Childs

Founding Coach

Arielle Childs began her fitness journey growing up in Michigan on dirt bikes and in the outdoors. Her love for being active led her to play collegiate volleyball at Marymount University and dive into the fitness community in New York. Arielle has developed numerous exercise programs and worked at top fitness facilities in NYC. With over eight years of experience guiding over 20,000 Athletes through rowing workouts, Arielle’s classes emphasize endurance gains on the rower. 

Arielle is passionate about helping people create healthy habits in a sustainable yet functional lifestyle through fitness and nutrition. She has an eye for spotting movement flaws and quickly fixing incorrect movement patterns in order to prevent injury and maximize results. 

Dedicated to working with individuals at all points in their fitness journey, Arielle is a certified pre & postnatal exercise specialist. She works with women to create personalized workout regimens that meet their fitness needs and goals. 

Arielle holds several certifications in fitness and nutrition, including Active Life Rx and UCanRow2 and is also a certified pre/postnatal exercise specialist. 

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