The Workout

+ What is Rowgatta?

Rowgatta offers rowing-inspired bootcamp classes designed to create an effective and fun way for our Athletes to reach and exceed their individual health and fitness goals. Alternating between rowing and resistance training intervals, Rowgatta Athletes consistently improve their strength and endurance while burning fat and building muscle.

+ How is the class structured?

The Rowgatta Workout is comprised of two components: rowing training blocks and resistance training blocks (aka “floor stations”). Each Athlete starts at his or her assigned rower or floor station. Led by highly-trained Coaches, the rowers are directed through specific rowing intervals while those on the floor are guided through a series of movements, with or without resistance equipment. At designated times throughout the workout, the Athletes are instructed to switch stations in accordance with their numbers so that rowers 1, 2, 3, etc. will switch with floor stations 1, 2, 3, etc., respectively.

+ What types of equipment are used in the Rowgatta Workout?

The Rowgatta Workout incorporates a variety of equipment, including Concept 2 indoor rowing machines (the “ergs”) and a FITBENCH comprising dumbbells, kettlebells, slam ball and resistance bands. The programming and equipment provide an optimal mix of variety and full-body conditioning, so that our Athletes achieve measurable results in a high-intensity, low-impact environment.

+ What if I’m a beginner?

Whether you’re a lifelong athlete or brand new to fitness, Rowgatta is for you. All of our workouts can be scaled, and our Coaches are always available to correct form, provide modifications, or answer any questions before, during, and after class. The only thing we ask of our Athletes is to bring a positive attitude -- we’ll handle the rest!

For first-timers, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes early for a personal tutorial from one of our Coaches to go over class structure and proper rowing technique. See here for more information about the first-timer experience at Rowgatta.

+ What if I’ve never rowed before?

Don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered. Our Coaches are trained to provide instruction on proper rowing form and technique, and first-timers will receive personal attention prior to entering the studio for their first class. Rowing is a bit like riding a bike -- once you get it (and we promise you will), you’re good for life!

Purchasing ClasSes

+ What are my options for buying classes?

You can purchase either a single class or multiple class packages. We recommend committing to a package to optimize your results. Plus, the more classes in the package, the lower the price per load ‘em up!

+ How do I buy classes?

You will need to create an account here before you purchase a class or package.

+ Are there any special offers for first-timers?

First-time Athletes can purchase their first class for a discounted rate of $25 or receive 2 classes for the price of 1. See here for available intro offers for first-time Athletes.

+ Do you offer private events, charity classes, or corporate bookings?

We sure do! For pricing and more information, please e-mail

+ Do you offer gift cards?

Of course. You can purchase a Rowgatta gift card online or in person at the studio.

Booking Classes

+ When can I reserve my class?

You can reserve up to 7 days in advance. Each day at 12:00 noon, we release our classes for a given day. So for example, if it’s Monday, you can book the following Monday’s classes beginning at 12:00pm, and so on and so forth.

+ How do I book a spot?

When you book, you will select a spot on either a rowing station or floor station. Don’t worry about whether you start on the rower or on the floor, the groups will rotate and you will be getting the same workout as everyone else in class!

+ What is the cancellation policy?

If you will not be able to make a class that you reserved, we ask that you please provide at least 12 hours’ notice so that we can fill the spot with another Athlete. Cancellations made after this window will result in a forfeited class and loss of credit.

+ Can I book a class for a client or friend?

Absolutely! You will have the option to reserve a spot for yourself and/or a guest during the booking process. This is subject to availability in the class when booking and having sufficient credits in your account.

+ How does the waitlist work?

If a class is sold out, you can join the waitlist so long as you have sufficient credits in your account. If a reserved Athlete cancels, you will be automatically added to the class in the order you signed up. If you secure a spot at least 12 hours before the scheduled start time, you will receive an e-mail notification advising you of your reservation. If you’re on the waitlist and a spot becomes available after that 12-hour window, you will receive a call to ask if you’d like to be enrolled. If you provide verbal confirmation, you will receive an e-mail notification advising you of your reservation.

+ Can I switch my reservation?

You cannot move your reservation if there are less than 12 hours until your scheduled class (that would be considered a cancellation), but you can always switch to another class with open spots if you are outside the 12-hour cancellation window.


+ When should I arrive for class?

We ask that you arrive 10 minutes before the class start time so that we can check you in and ensure your spot is not given away to a waitlisted Athlete. If you’re running late, please call the studio to give us a heads up. Late arrivals are not permitted to enter class once it has begun.

If you are a first-time Athlete, we ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes early so that we can provide an introduction to the workout and the rower prior to the class start time.

+ What should I bring to class?

All you need for class are comfortable athletic clothes and sneakers. Hand towels will be provided, and we recommend grabbing one because you will sweat. You may also bring a water bottle into class with you if you’d like, but no cell phones!

+ Is there a place where I can store my belongings?

Absolutely. There are lockers in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms, as well as in the Athlete Huddle Zone. You can leave your bags and other personal belongings in the lockers before entering the studio. You do not need to bring your own lock.

+ Can I book a class for a client or friend?

Absolutely! You will have the option to reserve a spot for yourself and/or a guest during the booking process. This is subject to availability in the class when booking and having sufficient credits in your account.

+ Is there a place I can warm up prior to class?

Yes! Athletes are encouraged to warm up in the Athlete Huddle Zone before class. We recommend stretching and making use of the rowers, foam rollers and other fun gadgets we have for you.


+ Is there a place I can cool down and stretch after class?

We recommend returning to the Athlete Huddle Zone after class to cool down, stretch, and foam roll. This is also a great opportunity to recap your class with fellow Athletes!

+ Do you have locker rooms and showers?

We sure do. There are showers in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms stocked with high-end bath products. We also have towels and vanity stations so you can leave the studio feeling fresh.

+ How should I recover from the workout?

Proper recovery is important. You should take advantage of the Athlete Huddle Zone after class to cool down and stretch before hitting the showers and heading out.

We recommend drinking lots of fluids post-workout to rehydrate. You should also make sure to replenish your body with essential nutrients such as protein, which maximizes the body’s ability to recover after exercise.

+ How often should I come to class?

The Rowgatta Workout is designed so that each day of the week has a different training focus. The programming varies day to day, so you can come as often as you want and experience a different workout for all-around, full-body improvement. With that said, recovery is important, so be smart about taking sufficient rest so you can perform at your highest level. One rest day is better than weeks of recovery from an injury.