Maintenance Team Member

Rowgatta is looking for high-energy, positive individuals to join our Studio Maintenance Team. A clean and well-organized studio is essential to our Athletes’ experience, and our Maintenance Team will play a pivotal role in enhancing our Athletes’ interaction with our brand and our studio.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Facilitate a quick turnaround between classes by:

    • Wiping down all rowing machines and equipment

    • Making sure the studio is clean and set for the next class

  2. Report any equipment/studio damages/repairs to management in a timely manner

  3. Maintain a clean sidewalk and storefront

  4. Maintain an orderly and clean locker room, including:

    • Clean, dry floors with no stray towels

    • Showers free of hair, debris, and mold

    • Well-stocked amenities and towels

    • Sweeps of lockers at opening and closing to ensure proper handling of Athlete belongings

  5. Manage towel stock throughout studio and run efficient laundry room

  6. Keep track of studio inventory relating to cleaning equipment and supplies

  7. Be ready to assist Athletes with questions or requests regarding studio/locker room cleanliness

Key Requirements:

  1. Prior experience in general housekeeping or fitness studio maintenance is ideal

  2. Understanding of our cleanliness standards with acute attention to detail

  3. Ability to address Athlete feedback for modification of cleaning operations/standards

  4. Willingness to take initiative with any issue as it pertains to studio cleanliness (i.e., do not wait for problems to be reported by Athletes)

The Rowgatta Workout:

Rowgatta offers rowing-inspired group fitness classes designed to create an effective and fun way for our Athletes to reach and exceed their individual health and fitness goals. Our High-Intensity, Low-Impact (HILIT) programming integrates rowing and resistance training so that Rowgatta Athletes consistently improve their strength and endurance while burning fat and building muscle. Unlike other forms of cardio training, rowing is a full-body workout in which 86% of your muscles are engaged with each stroke. The Rowgatta Workout is meticulously designed to safely produce high exertion in a minimal amount of time, burning more calories than any other form of cardio endurance training.